Grace Burton

Intuitive Counsellor & Esoteric Energy Healer

Spiritual Education Speaker & Teacher

Available In-Person in Melbourne, Australia +61 474 281 869

Intuitive Counselling & Energy Healing Sessions

In-Person  -  Currently in Melbourne, Australia  -  Worldwide via Skype, Phone, WhatsApp

Courses and Workshops

Pendulum Dowsing, Reiki 1 and 2, Master Healer Training and others...

'Receiving a healing from Grace changed my life...'   -   Dianna
'Grace - an Angel from Heaven. Unique and Amazing.'   -   Josiph
'Grace is from another planet!  A beautiful and insightful person with a very, very special gift.'   -   Philip
'Grace is a gift, her workshop and my session with her have
changed my life.'   -   Wendy

About Grace Burton - Healer


Grace Burton is a notable and sincere Esoteric Healer, Intuitive Counsellor and Holistic Workshop Teacher.  Grace guides people worldwide through their personal blocks to healing and real transformation.


Originally from Melbourne, Australia Grace is a naturally gifted metaphysical healer with 12 years of professional experience in Melbourne, Thailand, Cambodia and India and has worked from some of Thailand's most prominent wellness retreats for private sessions, group classes and courses.


Her natural intuitive perception and healing ability has been trained and developed over years to effect real emotional, mental and physical healing for those who seek. Guiding people through their past, life challenges, personal blocks and importantly guiding clients to spiritual life awareness and awakening that results in their own empowerment.


Grace's warmth and strength make her private sessions, speeches and workshops healing, inspiring, educational and motivating.  


She loves seeing the difference that her work makes in peoples lives, delivering it in a grounded and practical way that people can understand and assimilate easily. 


Grace is also a Reiki Master and is available for educational workshops - Reiki 1, Reiki 2, The Power of the Pendulum and she takes great pleasure in further educating healers in training, or established healers that need to increase the knowledge and power of their work.


Grace's healing is strong and sincere.  Many of her techniques are channelled through as required.

A Therapeutic Experience for the Soul